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Autism Workshop: who are Aspergers?

with Professor Tony Attwood, for the first time in Italy

Prof. Tony Attwood. 04 and 05 June, in Rome, answers our questions about how to identify women, children, adolescents and adults on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum and Asperger syndrome, describing the characteristics, diagnostic procedures and intervention strategies.

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ROME - 4 and 5 June 2013
At the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum
Via Aldobrandeschi, 190.

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June 4

8:15 Registration
9.00 Welcome by the authorities.
9.20 Introduction: description of the Autism Spectrum conditions. Characteristics of Asperger´s Syndrome and autism in children and adults. Skills profile and impact on daily life.
11.00 break
11.20 Diagnostic Criteria for Autistic Spectrum. The diagnostic criteria for autism and Asperger´s syndrome, with a focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed changes in the DSM-5.
13.00 break
13:45 Making the diagnosis. Presentation of a diagnostic protocol applicable to children, adolescents and adults. How to explain the diagnosis to Asperger´s. Clinical case (video).
14:45 Special Interest. Various stages of development and explanation of why specific interests fit the profile of Asperger syndrome. Intervention strategies: constructive use of the interests and reduction of their dominance.
15:15 break
15:30 Managing feelings. Why do children and adults Asperger´s tend to develop mood and anxiety disorders. Effective strategies to learn how to manage emotions as well as self.
16:30 Questions
17:00 Inside Asperger´s. Two Aspergers tell their story.
17:30 End of session

June 5

8:15 Registration
9:00 Cognitive Affective Training. Understanding anger, anxiety and sadness. Changing the way of perceiving and reacting to them. Cognitive-behavioral strategies of recognition, expression and management of emotions: the toolbox.
11.00 break
11.20 The problems of adolescence. The change in physical appearance, friendships, sexuality. The difficulty in coping with changes in academic expectations and management of free time. Self-esteem issues, bullying and social acceptance.
13.00 break
13:45 Asperger women. How Asperger´s women and girls mask their characteristics to meet social demands.
14:30 Asperger adults and relationships. The changing profile of Asperger throughout life, adult strategies to manage new challenges and sentimental friendships.
15:15 break
15:30 Asperger adults and the world of work. Finding and keeping a job suitable for their aptitudes and abilities. Strategies to create an Aspie-friendly work environment.
16:30 Questions
17:00 Inside Asperger´s. Asperger two people tell their story. 17:30 Farewell

The course includes simultaneous translation headphones in Italian and English.

Tony Attwood is a clinical psychologist practicing in brisbane, Australia. Over the past 30 years he specialized in autism and conditions related thereto. Has acquired a large clinical experience, specializing in the treatment of autistic people of all ages. It ´the author of "Guide to Asperger syndrome," which has sold more than 350,000 copies worldwide. It´s the first time that he hold a conference in Italy.

Registration must be made or completed by May 24, 2013.



Take the airplain to "Leonardo da Vinci - Rome / Fiumicino - Airport"
Take the train from the airport to Roma-Termini.


From Termini Station, every hour (at 38 minutes)
A train from Rome Termini to Civitavecchia port.
The train makes several stops:
Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere, the Vatican and Rome Aurelia. Get off at Roma Aurelia and exit the subway station of the Via Aurelia. On the right, up the hill and then Via del Balzo, until you reach number 12. Follow the path as required. After the descent, right there on the porch with the entry and concierge.

For more information about train schedules please visit http://www.trenitalia.it/.


Atac 892 Via Baldo degli Ubaldi (Metro stop Baldo degli Ubaldi) Via Aldobrandeschi direction (starting point).
Atac 247 Via Cyprus (Cyprus Depot Metro stop) towards Aurelia Station (Terminus).
I went down to Aurelia Station, enter the underpass Via della Stazione Aurelia. On the right, up the hill and then Via Del Balzo, until you reach number 12. Follow the path as required. After the descent, right there on the porch with entry and portineriaPer more information about bus timetables please visit http://www.atac.roma.it/.


From the GRA (GRA): Output 1 Aurelia, direction Vatican City / Rome Center. Take the 2nd ramp to make a U-turn and got on the ramp, turn right onto Via di Villa Troili. Go ahead and keep the right to Via Aldobrandeschi. The entrance of the University is at number 190 on the right.

From the center of Rome (Piazza Irnerio): continue straight on Via Aurelia, direction outside Rome and exceed the Total petrol station on the right. Immediately after going over the bridge to make a U-turn and come back towards the center, turn right

Via di Villa Troili.
Go ahead and keep the right to Via Aldobrandeschi.


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